Useful advice for general problems

If you have problems logging into your account or editing your website, please read the following possible causes first:

- Outdated Browsers: Please update your browser and always use the latest browser version.
In general, do not use out-dated browsers, as they are not supported by hPage anymore. (Example: If you currently use Chrome 16, which has been released at the end of 2011, please switch to the latest Chrome version.)
Internet Explorer: We do not support Internet Explorer anymore. If you still use Internet Explorer, please switch to its descendant Edge or to an alternative browser like Chrome or Firefox. (Example: You still surf with Windows XP and there is no Edge available for your operating system, but only Internet Explorer. So please switch to an up-to-date operating system like Windows 10 or switch to the latest available version of Firefox or Chrome for Windows XP.)

- Outdated Operating Systems: Please update your operating system to the latest available version for your device and read the help guide of your operating system. (Example: If you own a first generation iPad originally installed with iPhone OS 3.2, please update to the latest available version iOS 5.1.1.)

- Virus Scanner / Firewall: This can also be the source of your problems. Please temporarily reduce the level of your security software like virus scanner or firewall. You may also deactivate it temporarily. (Example: You use Avira Free Antivirus on your PC. Deactivate this virus scanner temporarily to make sure it is not the source of your problem.)
Browser-Plugins: The same is true for browser plugins. These have a wide range of execution rights and some plugins like ad blockers have content and script blocking as their main task. (Example: You use AdblockPlus or NoScript. Please temporarily deactivate them.)

- Help Center: Maybe the reason for your problem results out of a misunderstanding or wrong handling. Thus, please refer to our Help Center. You can use the search easily to look for specific articles. (Example: You would like to add the guestbook to your website, but do not know how. Please search here in the Help Center for "Guestbook" and the right article will appear.)

- Alternative Device: If you own another device or you have the possibility to use one, we recommend that you just try out another device. (Example: At home, you only have a 5 year old tablet. At work, you have a new desktop PC, which has all software updated to the latest version. Please try out this device.)


IMPORTANT: If you have read and checked all points listed above and additionally you assume that the problem is not on your side, we are happy to help you. For this purpose, please send us an e-mail again including the following information:

- A detailed problem description: Please write a few sentences that make your problem reproducible for us. Please do not write: "My website is defect." Write instead: "From what I can see, my website has problems starting at least yesterday morning (last week it worked perfectly fine). My problem is that the gallery is not shown anymore at the page XYZ."
- Your website URL
- Your browser version: You can find it here as well.
- Your operating system version, if known: You usually find it at Settings => Info.
- Screenshot (optional): A screenshot makes it much easier for us to reproduce and see your problem.

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