How do I manage the menu of my website?

You can manage the visible menu of your website at "Menu".


There, you can manage your menu elements, add pages to your menu, create submenus, add headings, and separators and include external links.

If you have created a page, which is not included in the visible menu yet, click on "Create page link".


Choose the desired page from the select box, enter a name and title for the new menu element and confirm by clicking on "Submit".


Tip: At "Menu" => "Manage Menu Elements" you can directly reach the edit page form by clicking the orange button of a specific page link.


Order of the menu elements:

You can arrange the order of your menu elements at "Menu" => "Manage menu elements" via "Drag & Drop".

To arrange the order, click on a menu element and keep your mouse button clicked and move it to the desired position in the menu. When you release your mouse button, the new position will be saved automatically.

Deletion of menu elements:

You can delete a menu element by clicking on the button with the trash icon.


If it is a page link, the page only gets removed from your visible menu, but it is still available in our system (if you want to delete your page and its contents finally, please do it at "Pages" => "Manage pages").

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