How to manage my files?

You can organize all your uploaded files in "Files" => "Manage Files".

Inside this menu, you will find all your files sorted in different main folders (our system sorts them automatically according on the file type).

So if you want to manage your photos, click on the main folder "Images", if you want to manage your music, click on the main folder "Music and Videos", etc.

Notice: The subsequent part of this article refers to the normal handling in "Files" = "Manage files".

Alternatively, you can click on "Open file manager" (also in "Files" = "Manage Files") and manage your files using the file manager.

If you are located in one of the 5 main folders ("Images", "Music and videos", "Flash files", "HTML files", "Downloads"), there are the following various features to manage your files:

a.) Create subfolder

Click on "Create new subfolder".

b.) Rename / delete subfolder

After you have created your subfolders, you will find those listed in the column "Folders". In each row, you will find 2 icons (in the column "Actions"): a trash icon (for deletion) and a pen (for renaming). Just click on the relevant icon to perform the desired action.

c.) Rename files

Column "Files": by clicking on the pencil icon you can rename each file.
Click on "Submit" to save the new file name.

d.) Delete files

Select the files which you want to delete (with the checkbox on the left of the file names), select the "Delete" option and then click on the "Go" button on the bottom. Confirm the security question with "Yes".
Now the selected files are permanently deleted.

e.) Move files

You have the option to move files in subfolder or to move them back to the main folder. In order to do this, select the files that you want to move (with the checkbox on the left of the file names), select the "Move" option and the right target folder and then click on the "Go" button on the bottom. Your files will be immediately moved to your selected target folder.

f.) Edit files online

In the main folders "HTML & CSS" and "Downloads", it is possible to edit the contents of text files directly online (such as .css or .txt files).
Select the file that you want to edit (Checkbox to the left of the file names) and click on the icon "Paper with pen" (column "Edit").
After clicking on "Save file" the edited content of the file will be stored.

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