How to manage my files?

You can organise all your uploaded files in "Files" => "Manage Files".


You will find your files sorted in different main folders (our system sorts them automatically according to the file type).

So if you want to manage your photos, click on the main folder "Images". If you want to manage your music, click on the main folder "Music and Videos", etc.


If you are inside one of the 5 main folders ("Images", "Music and Videos", "Flash Files", "Web Files", "Downloads"), you have the following features available to manage your files:

a.) Create Folder

In order to do this, please click on the Folder icon with the + symbol.



b.) Rename / Delete Folder

After you have created your folders, you will find them listed under the respective main folder. In each row, you will find 2 icons: a trash icon (for deletion) and a pen (for renaming). Just click on the correct icon to perform the desired action.


c.) Manage Files

In the file overview all uploaded files are displayed, selectively as thumbnails or in a list.
After clicking on a specific file, a horizontal menu bar will appear on the bottom of your screen, that provides different features:

d.) If When you click on "View / Edit", a view will open that shows all available information regarding your file.

You can also rotate an uploaded image here afterwards.


e.) If you want to rename an uploaded file, click on the green pen following the file name and enter the new file name into the opening dialog and confirm the change by clicking on "Rename File".


f.) By clicking on the menu element "Move" in the bar, you can move a file into a different folder.

g.) By clicking on the button "Delete", you will be asked if you really want to delete this file. If you click on "Delete" again, your file will be irrevocably deleted.


In order to make finding files easier, the file manager has a useful search feature.


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