How to move an existing .de / .ch / .at / .eu domain to hPage?

If you already own a .de / .ch / .at / .eu domain, you can move it easily to hPage. Please use the following guide:

1.) Log into the interface with your account credentials. If you do not have a paid account yet, order a paid account at "My Package" => "My Package" or if you already have one, order an additional domain at "My Package" => "Additional domains".

2.) Enter the domain name you already own in the appriopriate field.

3.) A mesage box will appear telling you that this domain is already taken.

This notice contains the following link "The domain "xxx" is already registered. If you are the owner you may transfer the domain." Please click on that link.

4.) Now a "AuthInfo" field will appear. Please enter here the AuthInfo for your domain.

You get the AuthInfo from your current domain provider (where you have registered the domain). Please contact your current domain provider's customer service in order to request the AuthInfo for your domain.
Important: Unfortunately, without entering the valid AuthInfo, we can not transfer your domain to us.

If you have any questions about the AuthInfo of your domain, please contact your current domain provider's customer service.

By click on the "Apply" button you confirm again that you are the owner of the domain.

5.) Now you can continue with the order.

After we have received your payment, our system will setup your ordered domain automatically and transfer it to nPage.

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