How can I terminate my paid Premium website?

You can terminate your paid Premium website at all times to the end of your contract date.

1.) In order to terminate your Premium package, please log into your account and switch to the correct website for which you want to terminate the Premium package. Click then please on "My Package" in the menu, then on "My Package" and afterwards on the same page on "Terminate Package".



2.) On the next page, please enter your current account password.


3.) Select what should happen with your domains after cancellation -Typ "Delete" or "Expire".
When you click on the blue "I", you will see a detailed explanation.


4.) Please confirm the termination by clicking on the button "Terminate Premium package".

The notice period is 2 weeks to the end of the contract term.
The contract for paid websites is automatically extended by the relevant minimum contract period corresponding to the payment period, unless it is terminated by either party with a notice period of 2 weeks to the end of the applicable term.

Note: Please note that it's not possible to delete a paid account before the expiration of the term.
And we are also not authorized to delete your account during the term.
However, in "Settings" => "Website"  => "General" you have the possibility to disable your homepage completely.
Once your contract has been terminated, the account will be automatically converted to a free basic account and you can delete your account as usual.


If you only want to terminate your domain, but not the complete Premium package, please use the following form:

Download PDF form

Please select on the form that you only want to terminate your domain, but not the whole Premium package.

Please enter the domain name in a readable way and send us the form via E-Mail.

Important: Please be aware that the form has to be filled out correctly and must be signed.

Contact details:

Our E-Mail address: support[at]hpage[point]com (please replace the [at] with @ and [point] with .)

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