How does the mobile verification of my account work?

Mobile verification is a required step to finalise your hPage account. This is done as a security measure against abuse and other illegal purposes.

If your website is not yet activated for visitors, you will see a yellow bar in your account stating that you have to verify your mobile number.


1.) When clicking on "Please click here", another page will open where you have to enter your mobile number.


2.) Select your country code in the first selection box (e.g. +49 for Germany).
Then enter your mobile area code into the second field (usually without a "0" at the beginning, unless number starts with two zeroes, which might be the case in some countries).
Enter the last numbers of your mobile number into the last field.

An example:
Let's assume you live in Germany and your mobile number is 0123456789.
Then select in the first select field: +49
Enter this into the middle field: 123
And in the last field: 456789

When you click "Submit", you are asked to confirm your mobile again in a separate window.


3.) Our system will send a verification code to your mobile number. Please enter this verification code into the text box.


4.) After clicking "Submit", your account is now successfully verified and your website is accessible online.

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